Faculty Chairs and Professorships

The Dietrich School’s world-class faculty are the foundation of its tradition of excellence in research, teaching, and mentoring. We are committed to supporting our leading-edge scholars in their ongoing mastery of their disciplines, translation of their expertise to superb curricula, and creation of an outstanding educational experience for our students.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships Drive Innovation


Offering endowed chairs and professorships is critical in recruiting and retaining our best faculty. These luminaries enrich Pitt’s academic environment and attract the brightest graduate and undergraduate students. Chairs and professorships recognize the contributions of senior-level faculty and propel research and collaboration. They are among the highest academic awards bestowed on faculty members and are an enduring tribute to the individual for whom they are named.

Professors Change Lives

Great professors touch hundreds of lives through the courses they teach and the students they mentor. Decades after graduation, alumni still remember the dedicated faculty who helped them understand a difficult subject or find a path to personal and professional success. Those life-changing conversations continue to take place at the Dietrich School every day and we are committed to attracting faculty who want to make a difference in the lives of our students and the world.

Endowed faculty positions are critical as our most experienced educators retire and departments compete with other colleges and universities for the very best candidates who will be the next generation of leaders.