The Big DIG: Videos

The transformational Dietrich Inspirational Gifts: Promoting Research and Scholarships Initiative (the Big DIG) is constantly in motion and always making progress thanks to our generous donors.

Keith Schaefer (A&S ’71) and Leo Wegemer (A&S ’73), Co-Chairs, The Big DIG

Keith and Leo are passionate about the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and know The Big DIG will enable students and drive innovation for generations to come. WATCH >>


Dean Kathleen Blee Welcomes You to The Big DIG

As each of the four priorities of The Big DIG finds generous support, the Dietrich School will further thrive by every measure, and with it the entire University. WATCH >>


Scholarships Fuel Recent Grad’s Passion

Julia Eger (A&S ’19) took advantage of multiple unpaid internships, which allowed her to focus on helping society’s most vulnerable children achieve. WATCH >>


Undergraduate Research Enables Student Enrichment and Future Success

Nicholas Johnson (A&S ’16) knew he wanted an undergraduate research experience when he came to Pitt but had no idea he would become a research mentor. WATCH >>


Graduate Fellowships Improve Outcomes and Enrich Departments

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Holger Hoock knows attracting top talent and allowing them time to work enhances academic breakthroughs. WATCH >>


Faculty Chairs Attract Talent and Inspire Scholarly Advancement

Dean Blee sees firsthand the profound influence faculty chairs and professorships have on advancing research and elevating teaching at the Dietrich School. WATCH >>


Undergraduate Research Builds Self-Confidence and Awareness

Oluchi Okafor’s (A&S ’21) exploration of environmental justice in poor neighborhoods was a life-changing experience and she hopes it will result in policy changes that empower communities. WATCH >>


How Graduate Fellowships Differ From Other Forms of Student Support

Associate Dean Holger Hoock shares why fellowships are the most impactful form of graduate student support. WATCH >>


Undergraduate Research Expands a Student's World

Corina Andriescu (A&S '16) was not sure she needed a research experience but soon realized its profound impact. WATCH >>


A Global Phenomenon Snaps into Focus Locally for This Undergraduate Researcher

Colorism is far reaching and Blya Krouba (A&S ’21) used it to explore race, justice, and equity as she advances along her pre-med track. WATCH >>